Spiritual Direction

Attending to God’s Presence

We all have a need to make sense of God’s presence in our lives. We aren’t meant to be alone on our faith journey. We need spiritual guidance. A Spiritual Director is like a spiritual companion or friend. They help us attend to our longing to find our way home to God, to receive God’s love, and to discern the wisdom of Christ. In essence, a Spiritual Director assists us in responding to the question, “How is God present to me and how is God, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, at work in my life?”

If you are considering Spiritual Direction, we recommend that you read the information we have provided about each of our Spiritual Directors (names and links below and in the sidebar).  As you read, notice who you might feel drawn to and reach out to him or her by making a call or sending an email.


Did You Answer "Yes"?

…then you might consider meeting with a Spiritual Director.

Spiritual Director

A Spiritual Director is present to help you recognize the attentive work of the Spirit of Christ in every area of your daily life.

They will show you that God is present, active and working on your behalf.

They will give you the tools to discern, grow and find direction.

Spiritual Directors

May the Spirit of Christ guide and inspire you as you explore the possibility of a Spiritual Direction relationship!