Guided Prayer Resources

Tools to Support You

This Resource Center provides tools to support you, your small group, your congregation, your family, your organization as you seek to grow in your relationship with Christ.

Prayer Exercises

Spiritual disciplines (practices) are essential for our lives as we seek to cooperate with Christ and his Kingdom. Dallas Willard in, The Spirit of the Disciplines, states, “When we understand that grace (charis) is gift (charisma) we then see that to grow in grace is to grow in what is given to us of God and by God. The spiritual disciplines are then a means to that grace and also to those gifts… they are only activities undertaken to make us capable of receiving more of His life and power…”

We hope the following Prayer Practices will encourage and inspire you as you open your heart to receive God’s comfort and hope in the midst of your present challenges and opportunities.

Each Exercise is downloadable! May the Spirit of Christ bless you as you pray!

Ministry Partners

Renewal Ministries Northwest believes that diversity in the Christian community only enhances our growth in Christ. God has gifted us with partners in ministry who share a common vision. We invite you to read about these ministries and reach out to them.

— Christian Formation & Direction Ministries

The Anglican Diocese of New England (ADNE) encourages spiritual formation by providing resources to engage people in spiritual practices that lead to a deeper walk with God for life and mission. Renewal Ministries partners with ADNE in two areas of ministry: A Course in Spiritual Direction and Pilgrimage Retreats in Italy.

(978) 388-0650

— Christian Formation & Direction Ministries

The mission of Christian Formation & Direction Ministries (cfdm) is to encourage spiritual formation focusing on practices, disciplines, and ways of being that enable us to hear, see, and respond to God’s invitation to deepen our relationship with Him. CFDM’s contemplative spiritual direction and supervision programs provide resources, support, and training for those called to the ministry of spiritual direction.

Rev. Terry Tripp,

— Selah Center

Selah Center is a dispersed community of contemplative companions that invites all people to pause and to nurture contemplative living with Jesus, leading to inner freedom and loving service. We intentionally gather for connection and enrichment on a regular basis, and also offer various opportunities that encourage contemplative rhythms of pausing, listening, savoring and responding. These opportunities typically take the shape of retreats, soul care groups, seminars/courses, and spiritual direction.

— Liminal Space

Liminal Space is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people through major life transitions. We believe that these are the moments in life where the best transformation occurs, if we learn to wait and let it form us. These transitions could include career transitions like preparing for interviews, career disruptions or finding a dream career; life stage transitions like marriage, parenting, divorce, or empty nesting; or personal transitions like moving to a new community, caring for elderly parents, exploring your purpose in life, etc. We provide 1×1 transition coaching and counseling, transition groups called PIER groups, individual transition intensives, and workshops that teach transition skills.

(425) 673-9940