Group Spiritual Discernment

Does God still speak to people today?

How can we be assured that God is speaking to us collectively? Can we know what God is saying to us as a community of faith or organization in this season of our life and mission together?

This is a Christian formation and spiritual discernment program for pastors, leadership teams, congregations, and organizations who desire to listen together for God’s leading and direction about an important matter that is before them.

In our listening we attend to:

Spiritual Discernment Process

Teach & Equip

Based on the prayer life of Jesus, we explore and learn about Abiding Prayer and Listening Prayer. Instruction on a Process of Communal Discernment is provided.

Phase I

Leaders and/or Leaders and Congregation

Preparation for Discernment

Appreciative Inquiry – We identify how your community of faith has been uniquely gifted by the Holy Spirit. We frame the question for discernment – what is the question God is inviting us to ask?

Phase II


Listening for "What"

We listen together for what God is saying to us collectively in response to the question that is before us. After we have discerned what God is saying, we listen together for how God is calling us to act on what we have heard.

Phase III

Leaders Only or Leaders/Congregation

Listening for "How"

The leaders distill the results of Phase Three and engage further in communal discernment about how God is calling us to act on what we have heard and develop a plan of action.

Phase IV


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Guided Retreats

This program can be custom designed for any group.

Church and Organizational leaders on occasion recognize a need to set aside special days for refreshment, renewal, and inspiration for their staff, leaders, congregation, or groups.

Renewal Ministries offers half-day, full-day, and overnight guided retreats providing extended time apart to slow down and be renewed in God’s presence.

Participants are invited to engage in the time-honored prayer practices of the church, such as stillness, silence, and meditation on Scripture. They are provided resources to assist them in their prayer lives and learn daily spiritual practices.