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Daniel Kytonen

Spiritual Director

Daniel is a certified Spiritual Director through Renewal Ministries and the Anglican Diocese of New England. He has been in various ministry contexts for over a decade, both in campus ministry to college students and spiritual direction. In addition to spiritual direction, Daniel is also a working visual artist.

Fundamental to Daniel’s spiritual direction process is the belief that to grow in spiritual maturity we must learn to interact with our deepest thoughts and desires, and that these are interwoven with God’s desires for us – that God is already present to us in all things, and that we can learn to be present to ourselves and the movements of God in the day to day. Daniel recognizes a key component to connecting with God in this way is doing it in a way that is familiar to your cultural and spiritual upbringing. Ultimately all of these pathways lead us to an ever deepening understanding of God’s totally transforming love that is unique to our lived experiences.

Daniel has three primary influences in his approach to spiritual direction. First, the strong influence of the mystics and mystical prayer, including Teresa of Ávila and John of the Cross in understanding spiritual maturation. Second, Ignatian Discernment in learning to follow and hear God’s voice in our day to day lives. And third, Karl Lehman’s Immanuel Approach for healing around traumatic experiences. Daniel is grateful to share these styles of prayer with those traveling through their own journey of healing and connection.

Outside of spiritual direction, Daniel is a father of a 1 year old, loves to play basketball, is often working on a variety of art projects with his wife, and is always looking for opportunities to try new foods.

Spiritual Directors

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