Refresh, Renew, Inspire

Transforming Lives and Communities
Renewal Ministries Northwest engages people in spiritual practices leading to deeper relationships with Jesus that refresh their souls, renew their spiritual vitality, and inspire them to participate with Jesus in transforming the world.

Spiritual Direction

Renewal Ministries also offers a more personal approach, joining you in prayer for support and discernment.


Standard retreats such as Ignation Retreat (5 retreats over 5 months), Seasonal Prayer Retreats, Teaching Retreats, Open Prayer Retreats and Special Events

Churches & Organizations

Offerings include Guided Prayer Retreats, Spiritual Discernment, Healing and Spiritual Formation Classes.

"Renewal Ministries enables individuals to grow in their union with Christ. We find that in an age in which we feel ever more acutely the need to follow Christ's way, we need to seek times of prayerful silence and solitude."

David and Gwyn Kopp, Omak, WA ~Retreat Participants

"Renewal Ministries Northwest is a gift to the Church today as they facilitate times of grace-filled engagement with the Triune God through their ministry of healing prayer, spiritual direction, and retreats."

Rev. Dr. Neil Trainer, ~Pastor Calvin Presbyterian Church, Shoreline, WA

Compline Thursday Evening Prayer

Every Thursday at 8pm on Zoom or Facebook

Watch & Listen

Previous Compline Prayer episodes are available on Facebook

End your day in peace and in the presence of the Holy Spirit with prayer and reflective instrumental music. Turning the focus back to God, our one true source of strength. This time will calm and restore your soul. Leaving you refreshed and encouraged.

Retreats & Special Events

Prayer Retreat

Go away. Come closer. That’s how we are with God. It’s our human dilemma. We stay close and then distance.

What draws us in? What pulls us away?  Every morning when we step into a new day, a question is before us.

Will I believe? Will I trust God with me and my day? Will I stay close? Will I distance?  Sometimes we run, like the great prophet Elijah who fled in fear.

No matter how mature we are in our faith, we struggle with belief and unbelief. Trust and distrust.

At this prayer retreat, we’ll reflect on Elijah’s attempt to escape and God’s pursuit.

We’ll ponder David’s ancient prayer, “even there you’re already waiting.”

Nov. 12th Saturday 9:30am-12pm
In Person

Renewing Chapel

16300 Mill Creek Blvd, Unit G4, Mill Creek, WA 98012

God's Lavish Love

During Advent we want to spend time reflecting on God’s love.

God wants us to know and experience His love like no other love.

What does God’s love truly look like? This is how God showed his love for us: God sent his only Son into the world so we might live through him. (I John 4:9 MSG)

December 10, 2022
In-Person 9:30am – 12pm

The Renewing Chapel
16300 Mill Creek Blvd, Mill Creek, WA 98012