Have you experienced transformation through Christ as a result of Renewal Ministries Northwest? Perhaps you long for others to have the same experience. Your financial support makes this ministry possible. There are a number of ways you can support RMNW financially. If you have a story to share, or would like to make a large gift, let us know!

Donate Online by Credit Card or EFT

Click here to donate today by credit card or directly from your bank.

Donate by Check

You can send us checks at:
PO Box 12243
Mill Creek, WA 98082

Monthly Giving

Monthly gifts are a great way to spread out larger donations over the course of the year. A monthly donation equivalent to your Netflix or Spotify account adds up to $100 a year. Donate the equivalent of a latte a week or your monthly gym membership and you’ll have given $300 over the course of a year! We would love to help you set up monthly gifts through Bloomerang or your bank. Contact us for more information about monthly giving.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Do you shop at Fred Meyer? A portion of your purchases can be donated to Renewal Ministries through their Community Rewards program. Visit this page for more information about how to set this up on your account.

Employer Matching

Does your employer match donations? Companies like Microsoft, T-Mobile, Boeing and Expedia all have established programs. Usually getting this set up this takes a small amount of work on our end and your end, but the result can be your gift is effectively doubled or tripled when matched by your employer.

Stock Gifts

Would you like to give us the gift of stock? By donating stock directly without cashing it out first, you can avoid certain taxes on the transaction. We are able to receive stock gifts through the National Christian Foundation. Let us know if you’re interested in making a gift of stock and we’ll make sure you have the proper information.

Gifts of Remembrance

You may designate a gift in memory or honor of someone special. We will send an acknowledgement to that person or their family as you specify. Please call or email our office about making a gift of remembrance.