Prayer Retreat

Go away. Come closer. That’s how we are with God. It’s our human dilemma. We stay close and then distance.

What draws us in? What pulls us away?  Every morning when we step into a new day, a question is before us.

Will I believe? Will I trust God with me and my day? Will I stay close? Will I distance?  Sometimes we run, like the great prophet Elijah who fled in fear.

No matter how mature we are in our faith, we struggle with belief and unbelief. Trust and distrust.

At this prayer retreat, we’ll reflect on Elijah’s attempt to escape and God’s pursuit.

We’ll ponder David’s ancient prayer, “even there you’re already waiting.”

Nov. 12th Saturday 9:30am-12pm
In Person

Renewing Chapel

16300 Mill Creek Blvd, Unit G4, Mill Creek, WA 98012